The SAGAS team of highly-educated and experienced nurses, social workers, attorneys, and care managers work together to improve care for patients lacking caregiver support. Our services are customized based on each patient’s requirements. Our model of care has consistently resulted in outstanding results for patients, including:

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Shorten Hospital Stays

Reduce Incidence of Medical Error

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Emergency Care Management

Quickly and Safely Transition Patients Into Quality Facilities

High Level Care Management For Medically Complex Clients

Our Masters prepared Registered Nurses and Licensed Clinical Social Workers come with decades of experience in the hospital, community and guardianship courts. We understand the complexities of the modern healthcare system and recommend the best long-term care facilities and community resources for our clients. We secure excellent outcomes for clients with any level of medical complexity, cognitive disability or mental health disorders.

Professional Healthcare Advocacy Services, with 24/7 Access

When patients need hospitalization, we meet them at the emergency room and provide daily patient advocacy services, communicating with professional care providers, asking the right questions and communicating quickly through our presence.

Medical Profile and Care Plan

We prepare and expertly administer a detailed medical history and comprehensive treatment plan. This plan is continually updated and greatly reduces the chance of medical error. The SAGAS Medical Profile and Care Plan allows quick and efficient communication, diagnosis and treatment. We prepare a comprehensive Medical Profile and Care Plan as a pre-need service for stable seniors and check in with them monthly to make sure nothing has changed in their health, updating documents as needed. We also work with hospital care managers to choose the best facilities if post-acute placement is needed. We supervise the quality of in-home care and vet quality providers to give superior care for those patients who need specialists or have complex diagnoses.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Due to the growing number of singles and couples without family, we can provide skilled Healthcare Power Of Attorney (POA) for those who have no one to serve in that capacity.

Guardianship Services

When guardianship is awarded by the courts, our professional staff cares for the person. Fiduciary responsibilities of guardianship and asset protection are provided by a third-party banking institution experienced in guardianship responsibilities regarding the estate. For those persons who have limited assets, we may be able to provide continuing care through the means of private and public funding. Applications for pro-bono work are approved as our capacity allows and as our not-for-profit company grows.

Senior Assistants For Lesser Skilled Personal Needs

Our clients often require shopping assistance, travel to appointments and social outings. When clients are unable to travel and do not have caregivers in the home, we can provide general services by college-educated Non-Medical Advocates at a lower hourly rate under the supervision of our professional staff. Non-Medical Advocates do not provide personal care or household tasks, but higher level assistance. The use of lower cost Non-Medical Advocates helps conserve estate funds as well as helping us keep a close watch on our long-term clients who are medically stable.

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